Fruitien Nectars Launch

  • Sector: Beverages
  • Brand: Fruitien
  • Campaign objectives:

    Launch of Fruitien Nectars & Juice

    Strategic Challenge: Fruitien a new entrant was pitching itself against the industry giant Nestle Fruita Vitals, followed by Shezan Juices and Slice. They all had good consumer perception, were preferred by the consumers and had huge budgets. In this competitive environment we had to establish Fruitien as a premium and superior quality brand.

    The Idea: The idea was to provide consumers a premium quality juice with unique taste which enriches every moment of their life. From this thought we derived the big idea “Enjoy the good things in life”. People know what a juice is, when and how to drink it – our purpose was not to educate them but to create moments that the brand could own. It was not just about youngsters sipping or people pouring juice for guests – it was bigger than that; it was enjoying any small gesture, action, word, deed alone or with friends and family.

    Results: Fruitien got 8% share in JN category in the 1st year of launch.

    The  brand received over whelming response throughout Pakistan despite distribution issues as a new player and contribution in sales were Lahore (19%), Rawalpindi (9%), Islamabad (13%), Jehlum Belt (23%) & Peshawar Belt (15%). Consumers responded well to the brand. The overall response encouraged them to increase brand portfolio and launch Fruitien Junior and Fruitien Joy.

    Launch Date:  March 30, 2014

  • Target Audience: Health conscious males and females looking for pure honest enjoyment

  • Media Mix: TV, Print, OOH, Facebook, BTL activity in malls and colleges

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