Fruitien 100% Pure

  • Sector: Beverages
  • Brand: Fruitien
  • Campaign objectives:

    Strategic Challenge: Fruitien Juices and Nectars had created their space in the market –it was time for Fruitien to go into extension and introduce a new premium range. Fruitien has launched 100% Premium Juices with a new variant of 10 fruits and wheat – which gives Fruitien an edge over any other juice brand in Pakistan.

    The Idea: The idea was to create a premium and classy look for the brand so that it stood out from the current Fruitien packaging and from the competition as well. The idea was to keep everything minimalist because less is more when we have to depict purity. We developed a simple message “Enjoy 100% Purity”. Keeping it simple and clean so that the focus was only on the product and nothing else.

  • Target Audience: An informed TG, both males and females who understand the importance of purity and appreciates pure juices. They are on the lookout for new and healthier options in the beverage category.

  • Media Mix: