Media Planning is 80% science and 20% art - it is the art that simplifies the science of planning and this algorithm of art and science is call i4.

Insight + Idea + Implementation + Impact = i4


combines consumer insights and media currency date in the same place, enabling consistency between strategy, planning and ultimately media buying.


Having in-depth consumer insight is critical for effective media planning. It is our business to understand your competition, your business and the consumer to find better ways of communicating with them.



Here we combine traditional and non-traditional media with a new approach based on the content to the consumer - it's applying of a fresher approach to gain consumer attention.



With the insight and idea in hand the third step is strategically planning the execution of the idea, using the most appropriate touch points giving the maximum OTS.



A post analysis of campaigns that allows us to determine the impact of our media placements in achieving the campaign goals.

"efficiency is doing things


effectiveness is doing the

right things"

peter drucker

Our relationship with the media stretches back in excess of fifty years. We enjoy tenacious personal and professional relationships with media tycoons in each of the markets where we operate, enabling us to secure the best possible deals for our clients.

We believe in the uttermost levels of transparency when dealing with our clients. We encourage our clients' or their representatives' presence in all of our 3rd party meetings and all discounts secured by us, either directly from media houses or from 3rd parties, are duly informed and passed on to them.